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Public Speaking Lessons

Brendan Dalley

Brendan Dalley

Changing Your Perception One Speech at a Time

Professional speaker, business trainer, adjunct professor, and golf hacker extraordinaire. Business is about people, people are about relationships, and relationships are about communication.

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Lesson 1: The Benefits of Public Speaking

Lesson 2: Your First Speech

Lesson 3: Overcoming Armpit Tacos

Lesson 4: Active Listening and Speaking

Lesson 5: The Ethics of Public Speaking

Lesson 6: Understanding Who Your Audience Is

Lesson 7: Developing Your Speech Topic, Purpose, and More

Lesson 8: Developing Supporting Material for Your Speech

Lesson 9: Finding Supporting Material for Your Speech

Lesson 10: Using the Internet to Support Your Speech

Lesson 11: Organizing Your Speech

Lesson 12: Types of Organizational Arrangements

Lesson 13: Outlining Your Speech

Lesson 14: Developing the Attention-Getter & Introduction

Lesson 15: Developing a Conclusion that is Memorable

Lesson 16: Using Language “Style” for Your Speech

Lesson 17: The Science and Art of a Persuasive Speech

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